November 5, 2018

Slices of joy


You’re busy. Your team is busy. The clock keeps ticks and the day-to-day is a conveyor belt of tasks to do and fires to fight and crises to manage. You move from one thing to the next thing, constantly. And nearly every human interaction – aside from coffee and goofing – is about dealing with issues and setting things straight and the next project and the next meeting and the next time around the block.

Everyone’s under pressure. Everyone has to perform. 

And everyone needs to be noticed.

Find something to celebrate. Notice the little things. Say thank you. Celebrate the good stuff, the cool stuff, the tiny slices of joy. Maybe lunch. Maybe doughnuts. Maybe stopping by for a good-job moment.

Everyone needs recognition that what they’re doing is important, and thrives when they’re appreciated for making things happen.

Skippy strategy: Make a moment for recognition, take an hour to celebrate.