May 14, 2020

Slide over to Z


People grow.

It’s tempting, convenient, expedient and a little bit take-‘em-for-granted lazy to imagine that the people on your team are still in the right jobs and are happy to do them. They may have started out as a junior X or a senior Y, maybe they’re now ready for senior X or to slide over to Z.

It doesn’t matter whether that change would be good for you, their only agenda is to do what’s right for them. If you can’t offer the growth, they’ll find it somewhere else. Which, now you mention it, could be good for you … or not.

The point is to pay attention to the work they’re doing and to whether they have the desire and the chops to do something more useful. Then it’s an easy choice: stick or twist, up or out.

Skippy strategy: People grow. Which could be good for both of you.