March 2, 2017

Slow in, fast out


When there’s only one person involved, the plan might not be clear but it’s easy to agree what to do next. No arguments.

With two people, there’s a higher overhead in communications but the upside is worth it. Twice as much get’s done, usually better planned (two heads) and better executed (living up to promises), for only a little non-productive time.

The more people you add to the pot, the more time needed for information exchange, the greater the advantage.

When you get the right people around the table, plans are made, improved, and clarified. Blind alleys are seen early, short cuts are spotted, alternatives considered, options weighed, favourites waged.

Due process.

And when the advocacy ends, commitments are made.

Discussion takes time that makes you slower as you approach the curve, but the benefit … so much faster out.

Skippy strategy: Slow in, fast out – always by discussion.