November 8, 2016

Sludgy java


In my mind, it’s crystal clear. The leg bone’s connected to the hip bone and Tab A fits snugly into Slot B. Easy, straightforward, obvious.


Problem is … what’s obvious to me isn’t so obvious to you. In fact, in your mind, what’s clear is an entirely different kind of crystal. It’s about a foot bone and a shin bone and Tabs X and Y fitting together in Slot Z.

Except I don’t know that.

We’ve never talked about it.

I’m working on my own, to my own scheme, with my own assumptions. You, a different kind of same. So, as clear as seems to each of us, together it’s some sludgy java.

The answer, stop relying on your own assumptions and start sharing each other’s.

Find the commonalities, thrash out the differences, polish the crystal together.

Skippy strategy: When more opinions matter, put them all to work.