April 6, 2018

Smart people


As a good manager who knows the secret of broader success … you hire smart people. Smarter than you if possible, with different experiences and complimentary skill sets. You give them interesting and challenging roles, just like you’d appreciate.

And if you’re as smart as them, you listen and work to clear their path. You fight against the organisational nonsense that strangles most other places, fencing out of their way. You give them big responsibilities and the authority to make things happen. All that as a good manager.

Which is not the same as the strong manager who knows the secret, and even acts on it, before chopping smart people off at the knees. Who whips them around with direction changes, who emphasises analysis over action, who indulges blame-calling over lesson learning.

Who gets what they want, whilst nudging good people towards the door.

Skippy strategy: Smart people is only the beginning.