January 27, 2017

So willing


Pete can’t say No. When someone wants something done, and it’s in Pete’s area, he always says Yes and puts in on his long, long list. People love that about Pete. He’s so willing.

Problem is … nothing ever gets done on time. He’s always working on so many things that he’s constantly horse-trading his time based on who shouts loudest, longest or last. People hate that about Pete. He’s so unreliable.

If you’re Pete … learn to say No. When you do say Yes, learn to look at your schedule first and give a realistic ETA.

If you work with Pete … learn what he’s like … and help him say No. If he says Yes, make him look at his schedule, ask him about competing priorities, ask him When, help him horse trade if you have to but make sure every commitment is reasonable … and firm.

Skippy strategy: For Pete’s sake, help him say No.