July 24, 2018

Some chaos


Bringing new things into the world – whether they’re products or services or processes or concepts and ways of thinking – always involves some chaos, some random, some structure. It’s up to you how much of each.

To be sure, chaos and random can be forces for good – they’re a fertile source of ideas and invention and just-make-it-happen breakthroughs – as long as they’re not the dominant (dis)-organising behaviour for too long. Leave them in place, you’ll likely take twice as long to get anywhere useful as you make two steps sideways for every one forward.

As soon as the ideas nucleate, nudge them into shape with supporting structures. Bring the chaotic forces into order with communication, consolidation and distribution of coherent ideas.

Put more simply – talk about stuff, write it down and share with everyone who needs to know. 

Massage the process to make more progress.

Skippy strategy: Write and share the plan.