January 8, 2022

Some hunches


Some hunches are just hunches you can work with; it feels a bit like this and you can act on the feeling. Maybe most of life works this way, a lot of little hunches that steer you down the path you’ve taken and get you where you are.

Some hunches though, point you at bigger changes, changes that involve others, changes that turn the ship around. It’s your call, you could just turn the wheel, explain thing after the fact and hang the confusion and consequences.

Consider the data. Hunches can be wrong, feelings can by misleading; dig in and mine for anything that corroborates or contradicts your gut. Line up what you find, bring you team to the table … take a look at this, what do you see?, here’s what I see.

Skippy strategy: Whichever way you turn, make sure at least to have your team with you.