October 14, 2018

Some loops


Most times, all they need to do is crack on.

Their day-to-day involves doing a bunch of things they know how to do, for people in places they’ve worked with before, to produce results they’re able to predict. Sure, there are variations, and absolutely, they should take soundings and get the latest thinking and incorporate the up to date details. All this is meat and drink around here. Standard operating procedure.

The problems come when they’re hampered by a glitch in the standard MO that involves passing the whole thing through a human-sized bottleneck. A human-sized bottleneck that’s built itself into too many loops. A human-sized bottleneck that stares back at us from the mirror. 

Not everything demands your attention.

You know that when you see people hanging around for your contribution, and you don’t care enough to give them your attention.

Skippy strategy: Remove yourself from some loops.