June 28, 2018

Some travellers


No job is exactly what it purports to be. There’s always more complexity, more problems, weird and wonderful people, unusual working practices, undisclosed values, unfamiliar work ethic. The job as advertised is only what’s visible from the ocean.

Worth remembering when you’re hiring.

Doesn’t matter what you say, how you present it, the depth of your description, there’s always more to the role than even you know. And the only one who’ll ever understand for sure … the person you’re hiring. Which presents a risk. Will they stay?

The good news is most times they do. 

Your island’s special strangeness is just a different kind of strangeness to everywhere else. And anyone who’s been travelling the oceans will adapt just fine. 

Unless it’s not so similar. Unless your present a peculiar strangeness. And that means, expect some travellers to leave.

Skippy strategy: Understand that not everyone is a keeper.