March 16, 2016

Something about momentum


The art of getting from here to there.

Whatever it is – project, fundraising, product launch, actual trip – at some point, no matter how much planning and strategising and what-if thinking you’ve chalked up, the only thing that counts is moving forward.

Overcoming inertia with enthusiasm and a big heave, you quickly realise that the real work is in keeping things rolling. Because before you’ve built momentum, projects like to stop. And settle into a divot. And if you break free, the next divot is deeper than the last.

So the trick is constantly to nudge the flywheel. Don’t focus on the mountain, focus on momentum. Easy baby steps to start, no giant leaps, no gaping hazards.

Take as much as possible off the critical path – give everyone contributing pieces and let them see each other’s progress.

Skippy strategy: Everyone gets on with it when they know the team will win. Show them it already is.