July 20, 2019

Special people


Every time you bring someone new into the team (assuming you’re hiring for talent and smarts and skills that aren’t a commodity) you’ll be welcoming an increased potential for creative destruction, which can feel like invalidation.

New people bring with them their experience and abilities. They have different ways of thinking and novel ways of doing things. That’s why you wanted them around.

Those strengths also challenge decisions you’ve made in the past, assumptions you’ve worked with and compromises you’ve lived with. Their fresh eyes see things in the rawest light … and they see cracks you’ve failed to spot or purposefully ignored. None of which is comfortable. None of which affords you the luxury of feeling entirely comfortable.

The choice – knock off their sharp edges until they fit, or morph the organisation to accommodate their specialness?

Skippy strategy: When you hire special people, expect change to walk in the door.