November 15, 2019

Start looking


By the time you know you need a new hire on the team, it’s probably already a little too late to start looking. You have to set out on the trail when you’re not quite sure. And that means today. 

The place to look? Everywhere you go. Every place, every event, every meeting, every coffee stop, every time you put your bag down and prick up your radar. Who’s interesting, who’s sparky, who’s challenging? Who has domain expertise, the right attitude, a work ethic that fits?

The time to look? Now. Every day. Not just when you need someone. Not just when you’re talking to recruiters or have a spot to fill. All the time. The next person you meet might be the first person you hire next year. Around the next corner, the Zastave you’ll want on your team tomorrow.

Skippy strategy: Never stop interviewing, never stop hiring.