February 14, 2023

Stay tight


In positions of authority, there will always be subjects and details that have to stay tight. These are few. Every day, almost all the time, on very nearly everything, you should share information. If you can’t share it with everyone, you should share it with everyone you can. Bring them inside. Tell them what’s happening, what you’re feeling, what you’re struggling with, who you’re meeting, what you’ll be talking about. Tell them the outcomes, how things shifted, the actions you agreed, the commitments you made.

Two reasons: you can’t do it on your own, which means you need people to help, which means you need them to know that they should; and, it helps to share the burden of knowledge, to enlist alternative thoughts and co-opt additional thinking because the process clarifies your own thinking and almost always improves the plan.

Skippy strategy: Bring people you trust inside the circle.