May 31, 2016

Stepping in


It’s compelling to step back. To keep out of the way whilst people do their job. Not to cramp their style or make them feel like you’re looking over their shoulder the whole time.

As a philosophy, it has a fantastic upside.

Assuming you hire well, it encourages good people to step in to their responsibilities knowing you trust them to do a good job. They learn to set their own sail, weigh options and make decisions. Over time, their confidence builds and they take on bigger challenges without having constantly to check in for direction.

The downside risk? They think you don’t care, that they can get away with it, that standards can slip.

Mitigate the risk by stepping into their world once in a while. Try joining a meeting: if it’s good, commend; if it’s off track, give private feedback.

Show them you care. Show them you’re paying attention.

Skippy strategy: Don’t abandon. Coach.