November 27, 2015

Stop following instructions


It takes courage to stop following instructions. To break the mould. To look at the world and think, there’s a better way.

Most people don’t have it.

Why is that?

Two reasons:

  • the instructions are right. Tab A does indeed fit it in Slot B, just like it says on the sheet. And, yup, look at that, it works.
  • the fear of failure. We’re conditioned to avoid the risk of stepping over the line. Carrots and sticks incentivise conformance – most managers wield both.

When one thing works and every other thing is actively discouraged … what do you expect?

To think again, to create, to break open the box … to stop following instructions … take them away.

Demonstrate, with actions rather than words, that failure is on the critical path of invention – and that’s ok.

Skippy Strategy: Celebrate learning as much as success.