August 18, 2016

Taking it on


Make them as sophisticated as you like, at their heart, every project plan comes down to three columns:

– What needs doing

– When it’s needed

– Who is responsible

Sure, they have to fit within the overarching objective. Yep, there’ll be a bunch of dependencies, supporting tasks and sub-groups. Absolutely there’s phasing, and critical path, and scope and twice as many hours of meetings as you thought fit in any multiple of 24.

All that … but in the middle … a What, a When and a Who.

And of those, the key is the Who.

They sort out the How and make it happen. Not necessarily to do the work themselves, but absolutely to take it on, to own the responsibility and delivery it for the team.

Every heading needs one name.

A name that delivers.

Skippy strategy: Who can you rely on for this? That’s the name.