February 26, 2019

Team compact


Building and managing a team, there’s a basic compact about how we work together. Each team is different. Most work out the way they do things as they do them, and come to a collective unspoken understanding about how to get things done.

Sometimes the passive process doesn’t work. There’s a disconnect about behaviours, about expectations, about the most seamless least friction way to make progress.

And when that happens – and you know it every time you see repeated frustrations and flashes of not-again irritation – it’s time to get explicit.

That doesn’t mean you standing at the front making a Commitment speech.

It does mean diving into team dynamics and bringing the unsaid on to the table and getting the same table to agree its own expectations.

Making them clear, collectively, is often enough to reset the team compact.

Skippy strategy: Ask, how does this team want to be a team?