Technology has always been the way to get things done better. Not every new possibility makes sense, but each technical leap, however small, opens up new land. Enough people jumping enough gaps means enough progress to keep moving forward.

Technology makes impossible projects possible – running a team in China for a client in California while sipping coffee in Clapham.

But possible isn’t the same as easy.

The problem, always, is people.

Misunderstandings and “you said” and “I thought you meant” and missed deadlines and over-promises and under-deliveries and conflicts and dependencies and blinkers and good old-fashioned dig-in-your-heels obstinacy. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

One technology that never gets old: the table. Sit around one, work things out, move the project on.

Skippy Strategy: For complex problems, remove the silicon and add some wood.