November 20, 2019

That hire


You can go an awful long way on smarts. Working things out as you go along, connecting dots, paying attention and pulling the odd all nighter. Adding other smart people and a decent work ethic helps. A lot.

Then, dawning realisation, it’s time.

It’s time not only to broaden the bench with more talent, but to deepen it with some significant domain experience – the kind of person who doesn’t only hit the ground running, but they land and bounce everyone up to the next level.

It’s not easy. Practically, because finding those kind of people is always a struggle. But emotionally too, because hey!, you’ve managed get here haven’t you?, what’s to stop you getting to there on your own?

You know you need the help, but resistance feels like an awfully comfortable place. Cut through the comfort.

Skippy strategy: When you know you need the help, make that hire.