November 9, 2018

That person


As managers, we’re dealing with humans. As managers of knowledge workers, we dealing with humans who’s value isn’t measured in equal units – it’s not about productivity points or hours on the clock. It’s about outcomes. It’s about contribution. It’s about seeing two leaps ahead. It’s about surprising connections and challenging assumptions and risks managed and pulling together.

Which means there should be no one size fits all answer. Whether the conversation is about pay, autonomy, agency, control or any other way of helping someone contribute more. Assuming your decision making process is equitable and lawful, you should treat every person as a special case. That person who always hits their deadlines, no matter what – you should allow more freedom. That person who strays from the path – you should arrange for closer control.

It’s added value management. It’s the job.

Skippy strategy: That person who’d benefit from x and not y – should have x.