March 22, 2017

That sword


Sometimes, it’s definitive.

An error of judgement that’s so great, so obvious, so grievous that it overwhelms the system of checks and balances. One way or another, they have to go.

Like always, you hope they’re realise on their own. If you’ve hired well, they will. They’ll understand the situation and reach for the sword with no hard feelings. Stuff happens. This time, for whatever reason, they’re responsible and they take it on the chin. Sad. Honourable. Necessary.

Some times, they try to hang on. Try to bargain their way back in. Point to the good times, the good will, hoping it outweighs the issue. Most times it does. But, like I said, sometimes it’s definitive. Your job is to wield the sword. Sad. With as much honour as you can. Necessary.

Skippy strategy: When it’s definitive … always sad, always with honour, one way or the other, that sword sees action.