June 29, 2017

The “better” part


So many customers, so many teams, so many sponsors … so many … So Many! … say they need better project management.

So what is better project management?

There’s the “project” part – a beginning, (where you work out the what and the who of the thing), the middle, (where you follow through and do all the doing parts), and the end, (where you implement and deliver the value). All in a plan. All coherent.

There’s the “management” part – which is mostly about making sure all the moving parts are moving have some semblance of co-ordination and are built into an achievable schedule. All moving forward. All together.

And then there’s the “better” part – which is surprisingly easy and frustratingly difficult. It’s all about communication. Less about motivational speeches, no ra-ra, and absolutely, definitively nothing to do with heavy-handed oversight.

It’s all about communication and connectedness.

Skippy strategy: Keep everyone up to date.