November 9, 2017

The boonies


New people at the table? You can hurry. Sit them at their desk, show them their place in the assembly line, show them north and leave them to get on with it. If you give them good instruction they’ll add value sometime soon. If you hired well, it’ll be soon enough to make a difference. But slowly, without really thinking about it, you’ll notice they’re off in the boonies on something, going the wrong way based on bad assumptions and a poor sense of direction.


How did that happen?

It happened when you forgot to give them direction.

Unless you’re bailing hard to put out the fires, go slow today to go faster tomorrow. Take time for the bigger picture. Piece the jigsaw together. Show them where and why they fit on the map.

Give them time, give them context, give them direction.

Skippy strategy: Remove the risk of assumptions.