May 3, 2020

The bottleneck


We’re pretty good at starting things. We get involved, our hands immersed in the gloop of the thing, finding the solid pieces and bringing them together into a recognisable-ish whole. We add energy, we bring people with us, we get them involved and … if we’re honest … abandon them for the next thing that comes through the gate. In other words, most of us aren’t finishers. We’re starters, motivators, big picture-ers. We’re not into the detail – or we are, but only for so long. Then, by necessity or character, we’re off and running at the next thing, and the next.

Which means adding one more skill to the quiver: handing things over.

Accepting that we’re not the greatest completer-finishers, as soon as we’ve brought in other people we need to find the the earliest possible time to get out of their way.

Skippy strategy: Add direction, just don’t be the bottleneck.