September 29, 2020

The brief changed


Without anyone noticing, without any announcements grand or small, without it being acknowledged or talked about as a thing, the brief changed. We were doing one thing, we planned it this way, and then the world turned and everything shifted and we started doing another thing and planning it a different way.

In a team of one, that’s fine. If everyone’s lives inside each others pockets and thoughts, that’s fine too. Every other time, you left people behind. You left them behind and turned a corner and they kept moving in a straight(ish) line in the dark. They were contributing to the whole, and not they’re off on a tangent – not through a fault of their own, but through the fault of omission. Yours.

Talk about it. Check in. Talk some more. Check in again. Keep everyone together on track.

Skippy strategy: Everyone who needs to knows, needs to know.