November 10, 2020

The curious


Bringing new things to the world take a bunch of skills. To invent, to refine, to hone, to turn into processes, to replicate, to do all the things that turn a hint of a glimmer into an actual deliverable. And not just once.

If there’s one characteristic you need in your team, one value that’s at or near the top of the list, one mindset that makes more difference than any other … it’s curiosity.

Curious about the facts. Curious about what’s around the next corner, and the one after that. Curious about the who and the what and the why and the when of the thing. Curious about finding the solution, and about what that solution implies and how it connects with the next dot in the line.

You have it, your team needs it, the world turns on curiosity.

Skippy strategy: Hire the curious, the ones who want to know.