January 7, 2016

The decent thing


There’s a lot of people relying on you to do your thing. Staff, customers, suppliers, management, partners – all waiting on your words and actions.

And the thing is, you can’t always deliver. Stuff happens, other people let you down, the clock runs faster so days pass like minutes, things get stuck in customs … you know … life.

Oblivious, those people wait.

Some are happy enough working on other things. Others though, are tapping their feet, building resentment, seeing red, losing interest, turning away because they think you’ve lost yours, looking for replacements, pulling out Plan B.

For the sake of a nail, the battle was lost.

The nail here? A phone call, email, SMS, put your head round the door, send a pigeon.

The decent thing to do, and the smart thing, are the same – keep everyone in the loop.

Skippy Strategy: Fire up your favourite communication device, and update the circle.