April 29, 2019

The first ones


Wherever you are in the organisation, there are people you turn to, inside and out, who work on things you work on, help you through issues and crises, are better when they’re on the same page, nudge things along without you asking. They’re the people you rely on and who rely on you. They’re the ones you draw around you whenever there’s something that absolutely has to be fixed before the clock stops ticking. The first ones you think of when you think about the good things about this place. That’s your team.

Thing is … for some of us … even in organisations that don’t fit in a phone box .. it’s a one person show. There is no one walking arm in arm. There’s you, and then everyone who helps when they’re asked.

If you want to do new things, you need to grow your team.

Skippy strategy: Who is your team?