September 24, 2021

The font


We’ve all done it, we’ve told someone on our team exactly what to do. To move that line, to present it like this, to code this way, to hold it like that. And that’s ok if it’s giving advice about how to do the thing in the way we do those things around here, if it’s about short cutting the experience process so they know the lessons that have already been learned.

What’s not ok is telling them exactly what to do. Not for knowledge workers that you’ve hired for their smarts, not for experts in their field who are motivated in part by showing their expertise, in fact, not for anyone who’s been hired for anything but shelf-filling monotony.

Why? Because you’ll lose them, because you benefit from their creativity, because they’re better when they’re engage. 

Skippy strategy: You are not the font of all knowledge on everything.