May 6, 2017

The gate


It’s possible to have the most brilliant idea. To work out exactly the key that will unlock the future. To create the vision that shines so bright. The product, the service, the process, the outcome, the end game. An act of imagination and a clear path that will take you there.

It’s a first step.

The next … who will do the work? Who will take you there? Who do you need on the team, what skills and capacity and capabilities do you need to build in? Do you have them already or do you need to supplement?

Now from the other side of the fence.

That brilliant idea (what) – is it possible to deliver (how) with resources (who) you can make available? If not, it’s an impossible dream.

Adjust the view to open the gate.

Skippy strategy: The How and the Who and the What must all be possible.