July 22, 2019

The Goldilocks kind


There are as many ways to manage projects and there are projects to manage or people to manage them. But there are some basic project ingredients.

The greatest determinant of success: an appropriate skill set. Get the right team.

As soon as you more than one body at the project table, you need some kind of project management, the Goldilocks kind if possible. Pragmatic and practical, firm but not harsh.

The bigger the group the more you need things written down, and the absolute minimum is a clear list of actions and commitments, including dates. Anything less, and there’ll be a lot of washing round and waiting.

Whilst you’re at it – writing things down, that is – adopt an appropriate level of granularity. Too much and you strangle the thing, too little, and nobody knows the who, the what or the when of the next step.

Skippy strategy: Projects need effective ingredients.