May 21, 2016

The greater good


As a product guy, as a technologist, a project manager, an accountant, a lawyer … as any kind of functional specialist … it’s tempting to think that it’s the work that counts. That what we spend our time doing when we’re actually doing our thing is the most important use of our time and the thing that makes a difference.

And it is.

No doubt.

With that thought, it’s tempting to believe there’s a natural corollary – that everything else is fluff. That every other use of your time is pure distraction and detrimental to the greater good.

But it isn’t.

The greater good is served when you bring people with you. When you explain and excite and evangelise. When the forces are mustered and work together on the common cause. Less your product, technology, project, accounts, contract … more the greater thing you’re doing together.

Skippy strategy: Lift your head and look around.