August 22, 2017

The hit list


In growth, it’s a pretty strong bet that you’ll find it really really really really hard to find the people you want to hire – or at least, the people who fit exactly into the hole you have now and the hole it will grow into when things go well.

On the hit list … two kinds of experience. The kind that’s taught them about the domain you’re working in (so they’ll find it easier to hit the ground punning – ho ho), and the kind that comes from the stage you’re working at (so they’ll understand the discipline, or lack of it, that comes with your kind of maturity). A little of one, a little more of the other – mix to taste.

And then the magic … attitude.

In growth … an expansive mindset, open to the new, curious and dextrous, and the discipline of follow through.

Skippy strategy: Attitude over experience (almost always).