April 25, 2016

The Hump Test


There’s always one. Someone in the team or the wider organisation who’s a little bit miserable even whilst they’re cracking wise. They live on the down side and let everyone know they know. And somehow, it’s kind of ok.

Funny? Maybe. Sardonic? Absolutely. Shrugging their shoulders through corporate life – it’s their profession to be Mr Hump. Nothing escapes their cynicism.

So … the Hump Test.

Pass a new idea over their desk, try out some marketing copy, paint them the vision – if there’s anything wrong or weak or inauthentic, they’ll find it, laugh at it, and enjoy making you squirm about it.

What makes one Hump Test better than all the happy talk you can find?

It’s honest.

You may not like it, but you know it’s unvarnished.

And when the feedback is good – you’ve passed the Hump Test – you know you’re on a winner.

Skippy strategy: Seek out negative feedback.