March 16, 2019

The issue


When you tolerate that guy – the one who nobody wants to work with, the one who sucks a little energy out of every room, who’s prickly, who thinks his brief is too limiting but doesn’t follow though on it anyway – you jeopardise the team. It’s not that the rest of the group will stop working or down tools whenever he comes in the room. They all understand it’s difficult to deal with difficult people, that there are no easy answers and sometimes you’re between a rock and a hard call that will impact places they don’t know about. They get all that.

And yet.

Every day you don’t deal with the issue, you and they have to deal with it anyway. By manoeuvring around it, stepping on egg shells, wasting time and doing more than their share to make up.

Skippy strategy: Don’t tolerate – deal with the real issue.