April 29, 2017

The loop


It feels like the most basic of the very basics – who is doing what – but sometimes, it’s blurry.

In small teams, multifaceted, multidisciplinary, especially when its current state is temporary because it’s a project work or it’s growing fast, the lines can be pretty sketchy. And that’s ok when the team is small. Everyone’s in each other’s pockets, all-hands meetings happen around a coffee table. The left hand knows all about what the right hand is raking its fingers through – the lines may be blurred but the communication is strong.

The problems come when the team grows. Add a person here, another there, one more over there. The work gets better defined and more discrete.

When you look up, you’re out of the loop. There is no loop.

As teams grow, so does the communication overhead.

Don’t assume everyone knows. They don’t.

Skippy strategy: Connect everyone to the loop.