February 25, 2021

The new, now, structure


It doesn’t start with the screwdriver. You don’t stare at the handle and the blade and work out what job you should do with it. It starts with the job at hand, you need to do this or that and you look amongst the tools available to see which is fit for purpose. If nothing suits, you change the requirement or buy the solution.

It starts with the job that needs doing.

Same with your people. When something needs doing, you apply the tools you have and the work gets done. If the need persists, you add to your team. It doesn’t start with the person, it starts with the job.

Every org chart is a product of yesterday’s needs. Starting again, what jobs need doing? When you know what you want … ask, who fits the new, now, structure, and who needs to move?

Skippy strategy: The structure you need now.