January 5, 2022

The old way


In a crisis, when we’re time pressured, maybe when no one’s looking, all of us fall back on the way we’ve always done things. It produces known and, so far, acceptable results (they got us here, didn’t they?), and it takes less time to do things this way than by applying some new/promising/uncomfortable/unknown/risky/alien way of doing things.

If it’s personal work, any way that works and good for you.

If it’s teamwork, where others are relying on being involved in a certain way – or just on being involved at all – then going it alone, I’ll just do it myself, excluding others or breaking an agreed process, may be quicker (may), may get you a decent result (may), but it will undermine the growth you embarked upon, and make everyone second guess everything next time around.

Skippy strategy: The old way is not the only way.