January 27, 2024

The pillars


This team. The one standing around you now. The one you rely on to push the project forward, do the things that need to be done, pull together when times are hard, support you when you’re suffering, celebrate with you on shipping-day. This team. These people. The pillars of the project, the ones you need with you. 

Your fellow travellers; whom you know, appreciate and need.

And are the ones you’re in danger of ignoring as the pressures of the project squeeze your time and suck your attention. When busyness dares you to take for granted the things you’re most familiar with.

Protect the time and care you give to those you need the most. Prioritise meetings with them, fulfil your commitments to them, keep them in the loop. No short cuts, no half measures. No risking what you need most.

Skippy strategy: Don’t take anyone for granted.