November 2, 2018

The predilections


It’s a shock, I know, that everyone isn’t just the same as you. They like different things, hate different things and have skills and preferences that leave you standing. Which is good. Obviously.

Thing is, buried in your preferences, is a comfortable level of looseness. Looseness or tightness with the facts, the schedule, the definition of things.

That’s not to say that one end of the scale is better than the other, or that your particular place on spectrum is the place from which everyone else is judged. 

Looseness or tightness are neither good or bad. They’re just different.

And here’s the thing … to work together … everyone has to understand the predilections of the other … and find a place where you can meet.

The alternative, someone always being dragged … for-looser-for-tighter … in the unwilling direction of their discomfort. Result: misery on both sides.

Skippy strategy: Find a mutually (un)comfortable level.