September 23, 2017

The push

There are exciting times when the world travels faster and the colours are brighter, when the smiles are broader and the eyes brighter. The times we do it for. The good times.

There are dreary times, hard times, sad times and bad times. Them’s the breaks, part of the territory. Hey ho.
Any time at all – good or bad, exciting or dreary – the work can overload the clock and it becomes a slog. The push is just to get it all done, however late the finish, however deep the immediate sacrifice.

And still, this is why we do it. For war stories. To say, I was there. To exist in the middle of things. When, just maybe, magic happens.

But that’s not everyone. Not all the team. Some only do it because there’s no choice. Because you ask.

Thank them.

Skippy strategy: Remember, everyone isn’t wired the same.