February 4, 2023

The right players


We convince ourselves that we can make a difference. And we can. We can come up with some formula of words that’s all it takes to generate enthusiasm and excitement of the project. The objective, the journey, the team, the results – and the mixture makes the magic happen.

Except, on a wet Tuesday in February, six months in, the words have faded and the magic stutters. Now you find out who you have on your team. At one extreme, self-motivated self-starters who find a way and follow through, at the other, not so much of that.

The greatest gift you can give your team is the right players to start with. People from the more self-motivated end of the spectrum. Hire them, promote them, filter for them. Use every project to raise the average. Don’t hang around for those who let things slide.

Skippy strategy: A team of self-starters.