September 4, 2018

The rot


All of has had a disruptive colleague. Someone on the team who confuses and destroys, who doesn’t pull their weight – at least not in the same direction as everyone else – who’s contrary out of principle rather than for a principle, who’s in and out and quick to criticise. The kind of person that no other person wants to work with.

Thing is, they’ve been tolerated for a reason; they can contribute. For all their singularity, when they feel like it they’ll put in a shift and move the stick along a notch or two. Their occasional good days somehow encourage the decision maker to ignore their otherwise overwhelming bad days.

We’ve all had them, and we all swore we’d move them out if we had the chance.

Now we do. 

Don’t find reasons to tolerate. Find the only reason you need to act: everyone else.

Skippy strategy: Remove the rot.