February 23, 2016

The thing about bureaucracy


Bureaucracy has come to mean an excessively complicated administrative process. Case in point – almost all HR derived annual review systems. Forms, tick boxes, reviews and corrections of the reviews, he said she said reporting. Why do that?

It’s a structure that’s supposed to be collaborative, to put everything on the table, to look forward as much as backward, to be open and constructive and make everyone feel like the system cares. Problem is … it has the opposite effect. It’s bureaucratic, boring, subtractive and needlessly excessively complicated.

The thing about bureaucracy – it gets in the way.

Bureaucracy may look impressive, bit won’t do the management for you. They’ll just squeeze and freeze the conversation along a conveyor belt to the end of the meeting without the important things being said.

Skippy strategy: Dump the forms for an honest conversation.