May 21, 2017

The Thomases


With seven buckets of good will, it’s possible that everything you say will be taken the right way. That your intentions will be felt even when your words or your actions let you down. That you’ll be get the benefit of the doubt and even the Thomases will quell their sceptic hearts.

The rest of the time … if there’s a right way … someone will take it the wrong way. That they’ll find a way to be irritated, or scared, or discover hidden meanings. To hear what you say from your soul and twist it into a perceived slight or a way to weasel out weaknesses. The Thomases will revert to type; they’ll doubt, and snipe, and moan.

Accept Thomas.

Use Thomas.

What would Thomas say? How will he pervert the message?

Can I be clearer?

Can I eliminate doubt?

Skippy strategy: Put your message to the Thomas test.