February 20, 2017

The waiting room


It’s definitely possible to partner. But it’s hard.

The easiest are between equals – when each needs the others just as much as they’re needed themselves. Easier, but still hard.

The hardest: between David and goliath. Even when David is critical to success, goliath’s processes (best case) and attitudes (worst case) can make everything slooooow to walking pace. If you’re David, that’s not only hard, it’s pretty hard/frustrating/irritating/confidence-knocking to take.

Both sides thinking, “What’s the problem?!”

The answer: mismatches.

– Focus – if it’s the only thing you’re pushing, you’re full on. It it’s one of many projects in the pipe, much more relaxed.

– Authority – every layer between the action and the decision maker means misery whilst we wait.

– Risk – big company means bureaucracy means risk-aversion means nailing it down before moving it on. (Confusing, right?)

The summary – fast waits for slow.

And that’s hard.

Skippy strategy: Get ready for waiting-room angst.