December 19, 2018

The want ads


Maybe the average wriggles around a bit by industry or discipline, but around eight out of every ten new hires come from anywhere but the advertising places. 

That means, as a job seeker, focusing on the want ads minimises your chance of finding a new role. And, as a job giver, relying on advertising is a low probability proposition.

And that means, on either side of the table, there are plenty of better ways.

The killer app in matching jobs to humans is word of mouth. Let it be known that you’re hiring or looking to be hired. Let everyone know, using all your personal connections, analogue and digital. It’s not enough to push out the news, you have to ask for help … do you know anyone with experience in … can you think of someone who might fit … 

Skippy strategy: Work out what you’re looking for, and ask for help.