December 4, 2016

The work


There’s something to be done. It’s necessary. We’re all agreed. It’s going to take a bunch of time, it has to fit alongside all the stuff we’re already doing, there’s no sweetener. Worse, it’s a pretty thankless task.

Who does the work?

Or … it needs doing, it’s a short job, we can probably clear some space for it, there’s lots of glory.

Who does the work?

Never mind the scenario. Whenever something needs doing, and you’re getting to the end of the meeting, and there’s no name against the action, the question is always the same.

The work: taking responsibility and making sure the thing is done. Could be a solo job, or wrangling a team in to action, or hiring an outsider to do it, or press-ganging everyone in the factory.

That’s the work. Who does that?

Skippy strategy: Every action needs an actor.