January 6, 2022

Their feet


You bring new people into the team for a reason. Mostly, it’s a blend of capacity and capability that will get more done and/or better than before. And, assuming you had choices, when you choose this person over that person, you may assume they, a) know what they’re doing, and b) will work out how the can do what they in this particular context. (You know what they say about assumptions.)

If you’re primary aim was capacity, it’s more likely they’ll need training and an arm around their shoulder as they get up to speed. If thought one was capability, remember that whilst every place is a little bit the same, it’s also completely different too – with alternative personalities, working practices, interactions and it’s own peculiar kind of alchemy. In other words, what worked elsewhere doesn’t always easily work here.

Skippy strategy: Everyone needs help finding their feet.